Did you know...Pitchero automatically posts content to social media?

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January 11, 2022
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Did you know...Pitchero automatically posts content to social media?

Social media has always been a key tool for sports clubs but its potential now, in light of coronavirus, has amplified even more.

Communicating with members through entertainment, updates, fundraising and news is particularly vital in the coming months.

With Pitchero, there's 2 steps involved:

  1. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your club
  2. Automatically post content to those social media channels

Why do it?

It saves time by publishing your news articles on Twitter and Facebook as they go live on your website.

No faffing about composing tweets or looking for images for Facebook posts. This way, it still achieves the goal of spreading all of your club content far and wide.

Many clubs using Pitchero already do this routinely but others don't and can definitely benefit.

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Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your club

Our Help Centre has short, step-by-step instructions. It takes a few minutes at most.

Step 1 is just a case of  going to your Club Control Panel's Social Accounts (in Settings), adding Twitter and Facebook pages then Authorising them. 


Share a news article with connected social accounts

Step 2 is also quick (see Help Centre) for those with access to the Club Control Panel.

  1. Create the article and save it
  2. On the Publish to Social Media page, tick the account(s) you want to share to
  3. Click Save

NOTE: It's not possible for news articles posted with a publish date or time set in the future to be automatically shared via with the club's connected social accounts.

However, they can still be shared manually by readers when viewing the news article on the website.

With the volume of updates that clubs typically send out, auto-posting on social is a no-brainer. You can do the steps above, set-and-forget.

Thanks for reading...here's more tips on making social media work for your club including examples from existing clubs and why they're helping.

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