Do you have the latest version of the Club App?

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September 25, 2020
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Do you have the latest version of the Club App?

Recently, we have released updates to our Club App on both Android and iOS devices. Find out what has changed in the latest version, if your app is up to date, and how to update your app if it isn't up to date.

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What's new?


Our latest version primarily includes bug fixes. Having taken onboard feedback from our users, we have fixed issues relating to the schedule and availability features. 


update-3314287_1280-1Is my Club App up to date? 


In order to have the best possible experience with the Pitchero Club App, it is extremely important that you are using the latest version of our app. The easiest way to check which version of our app you are using is as follows:


1) Open the Club App (Sign in if you haven't already)

2) Navigate to the 'Menu' tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

3) Tap 'My account' at the top of the 'Menu' screen

4) Scroll down to the 'App' section of the menu where you will see 'Version'

5) Look to see which version of the app you are currently using. 

6) If you are using Android, the latest version of the app is 6.0.14 If you are using iOS, the latest version of the app is 6.1.4 If the number on your app is lower than this (E.g. 6.1.3. on iOS or 6.0.13 on Android), then you need to update your app. 


How can I update my Club App?



1) Open the Google Play Store on your phone. 

2) Open the menu (three horizontal lines)

3) Tap 'My apps & games'

4) Find the Pitchero Club App, Tap 'Update'



1) Open the App Store

2) Tap on your profile icon (there will be a red notification badge if you have updates pending)

3) Find the Pitchero Club App, Tap 'Update'


We recommend turning on automatic updates for the Pitchero Club App so that you benefit from new features and improvements as soon as they are released.

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