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DEMO Day: Join Pitchero & Partners at the AJ Bell Stadium

DEMO Day is an opportunity for club officials, coaches, volunteers and academic staff to meet Pitchero staff and partners face to face in October.
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October 14, 2021
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Pitchero Heat Map

The Pitchero Heat Map will track sports club activity across the UK as home nations return to playing sport!

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We need your help!

As lockdown is slowly lifted, we want to find out how many clubs have returned to training and matches in order to assess the health of grassroots sport.

To help us achieve this, we're asking all sports clubs to answer
two questions each week:

  1. Is your club training?
  2. Is your club playing matches?

Submit my answers

What are we trying to find out?

We want to know which clubs have returned to training, match play, or both and where in the UK. Clubs will also be asked which age groups (junior or senior) have resumed playing sport.

Why do this?

We want to assess the health of grassroots sport and review the impact that Coronavirus has had and continues to have on participation.

Can clubs view the data?

Yes, responses will be displayed in an interactive map so that we can visualise which areas of the country have resumed sport and which areas have not.

How often does a club submit data?

We want all clubs to answer the survey - every week, starting week commencing 20th July. 

How can I participate?

Click here to answer our questions. Each week, all UK Pitchero clubs will be contacted via email.

Findings and Interactive Map

Click below to view our interactive heat map and track the latest progress of grassroots sport.

View heat map


Thanks for taking to the time to answer our questions. Check back soon to see the latest progress of sports clubs around the country.

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