How Video Analysis Can Help You Win Silverware This Season

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November 22, 2021
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How Video Analysis Can Help You Win Silverware This Season

If you want your team to play like Barcelona, you need them to train like Barcelona. If you think that’s impossible, think again.

Technology is making it easier than ever for footballers at every level to access the training techniques used by elite clubs. Meaning everyone from grassroots academies to semi-professional teams can reap the rewards of tools like video analysis.

So sit back and get comfy: you’re about to learn three ways that video analysis will help your team bring home the silverware this season.

Here we go.

3 reasons to record your games this season

Video analysis is one of the most effective training tools in modern football. It gives coaches an effective way to share targeted advice, with statistics and annotations taking coaching sessions to another level.

There are many reasons to record your games this season: to help you understand the benefits, we’ve broken them down into three areas.

1. Player Performance

When a coach tells a player their shooting technique is off, the player might not see what they’re doing wrong. But if the coach can use recorded footage to illustrate what they mean, players quickly understand what they need to do to improve.

And therein lies a core benefit of video analysis: it creates a clear and simple way to communicate a point.

Moreover, studies show that players improve more quickly if they can compare footage of themselves performing a skill with footage of professionals. This proves that to play like the greats, you need to compare yourself to a team like FC Barcelona.

2. Technical Analysis

While video footage is a powerful way to show players how to improve, video analysis runs deeper than simply watching last weekend’s match.

The right video analysis tools let coaches see data such as shots taken, shot positions, even success rates, enabling staff to dive into the details and find new insights. Technical analysis, as it’s called, is crucial for figuring out what teams need to do to reach the next level.

But technical analysis is only possible if you first record your games.

3. Motivation and Ethos

One often-forgotten benefit of video analysis is the motivational factor. When your players know they’re on film, they have another reason to perform at their best.

That’s why recording games can instil the right ethos among your squad. Plus, as most people love watching themselves back on camera, your team will relish getting back on the training ground at the start of every week.

These days, video analysis isn't even hard

Just a few years ago, you’d have been laughed off the sideline for suggesting a lower-league club invest in video analysis.

After all, it used to be nothing but hard, expensive work.

First up, there was the equipment to pay for, not to mention the cost of pulling together a production team. Add in the technical complexities of rigging up cameras, then downloading footage, and few people were interested.

Even bandwidth was an issue, with upload speeds so slow that you’d be lucky to have anything to watch before next week’s match rolled around — but these days, video analysis is nothing like as tricky.

In fact, cropping, editing, even file-sharing is easy enough for anyone to consider giving it a go this season. How’s that possible?

We’ll cover that now.

Take your team to the next level with Pixellot Air

Pixellot Air is the affordable, portable match and player analysis system that helps teams at every level play at their best.

State-of-the-art camera technology uses artificial intelligence to record the action, then VidSwap analytics delivers in-depth statistics to the palm of coaches’ hands. The sophisticated yet simple-to-use system is so powerful, even FC Barcelona relies on it.


Get a head start this season, accelerate learning, and bring more excitement to training as you share clips with the team.

Start using Pixellot Air for your video analysis.

About Pixellot

In 2013, Pixellot pioneered the concept of automated sports production as an affordable alternative to traditional video capture, production, and distribution for professional and semi-professional clubs.

Pixellot Air is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use camera that gives sports academies the tools to excel. While VidSwap breaks down games to enable coaches to improve team performance and coach more effectively.

To date, Pixellot has produced over a million live games in 55 countries — and its solutions now serve a growing number of sports associations and leagues worldwide, including the FAI, the Scottish SPFL, the Korean, Mexican and Polish FA, and the IBBA.

You can schedule a demo by clicking here.

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