Kit 4 Clubs offers clubs free kit and training gear

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Webinar dates announced showcasing the new Pitchero Club template.

UPDATE - A Recording of the webinar can now be watched below. More info and webinar dates will be released shortly.   Prior to the launch of the new Club Website template, Pitchero staff wil...
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Kit 4 Clubs offers clubs free kit and training gear

kit 4 clubsTogether with England Rugby, Canterbury and Gilbert, Pitchero are showcasing the Kit 4 Clubs initiative to support grassroots rugby across the region.

With Kit 4 Clubs, clubs can earn kit and training gear when test driving Mitsubishi cars.

All clubs affiliated to England Rugby can win free playing kit such as Challenge Hooped Jerseys and Challenge Jerseys, polo shirts, Team Dry T-shirts, Gilbert training and match balls.

For a limited time, you’ll notice there is a Kit 4 Clubs link on your rugby club website homepage.

After a club has registered for a Kit 4 Clubs account, club members, friends and family can then book an appointment to have their vehicle appraisal and test drive a new or used Mitsubishi.

Each club will then be credited with £30 towards their new kit or equipment. Clubs have their own profile page and custom link to share with members, friends or family to create appointments at their designated dealership.

Once a club reaches an initial target of £300, the designated club contact can start ordering items.


Check the Kit 4 Clubs link on your Pitchero website homepage (top menu) to either Register now or galvanise your club’s supporters to book an appointment to test drive a vehicle at their local Mitsubishi dealership.

Alternatively, follow the link below to the official Kit 4 Clubs website. Good luck! 

Register now

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