Pitchero ACES Nationals gears up for biggest tournament ever

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Pitchero ACES Nationals gears up for biggest tournament ever

This year promises to be a showstopper as the top boys and girls junior football teams do battle at the University of Nottingham in June and July.

The Pitchero ACES Nationals will see 14 different age groups compete to be crowned the best of the best in this exciting youth tournament celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2018.

Since its beginnings in Leicester in 2009 with league champions hailing from 20 different towns and cities all vying for the National title, there are now going to be an incredible 360 teams showcasing their skills between Saturday 16th June and Sunday 1st July.

Competition is fierce and that’s just to qualify for Pitchero ACES Nationals in the first place. To be eligible for this invitation-only event, teams must be top league or cup winners.

The event prides itself on the pedigree of the footballers on show but also has a strict rule preventing academy or school of excellence footballers from entering.

Instead, this is all about giving gifted young footballers a chance to impress on the national stage. However, there will be talent scouts present from the Premier League and the Football League so you never know, it could be the stepping stone to an exciting future in professional sport.

To find out more about the Pitchero ACES Nationals 2018 then you can visit the tournament website for all of the fixtures, results, articles and photos.

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