Pitchero's player survey reveals the power of sport

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Pitchero's player survey reveals the power of sport

playerSurvey__chartsGif--AnimPitchero's Player Survey for 2018 set out to examine the impact that playing grassroots sport has on our lives.

Thanks to all of you who took part and the responses revealed some intriguing headlines:

  • 98% of you would recommend playing sport to others
  • 98% said that they had made new friends from playing sport
  • 94% reckoned that taking part in sport improved their health
  • 91% believed that playing sport had improved their self-esteem

So, an overwhelmingly positive thumbs-up for some of the benefits of sport - with team sports being enjoyed by 3.2m adults, according to Sport England's own data from March 2018.

Here's an infographic that showcases what was unearthed from our Pitchero player survey:


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