Preparing for a new season

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How Leeds and Broomfield prep for the cricket season

Leeds and Broomfield Cricket Club are gearing up for the 2021 season with confidence. We talked to Matt Mustill on how the past year with Pitchero has gone and what’s ahead.
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March 1, 2021
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Preparing for a new season

We all know how stressful preparing your club for the new season can be.

To help, we have created a quick guide to make sure your club website is in tip top shape!

This guide will explain how to:

  • Archive past season information.
  • Migrate players and parents to a new age group.
  • Join a new league competition.

Season Archives

The Season Archives feature allows a club to organise results, fixtures and league tables into the specific season they belong to; making past season’s information easy to find.

A new archive should be added for every season you use Pitchero, to build up a catalogue of past information for each team at your club.

Season Archive

To add a season archive go to your Club Control Panel:

Click “Team Information & Season Archive” >> Click “Season Archives”.

Click the “Add a new archive” button.

Give the archive a name - example “Season 12-13”.

Add the start and end dates. Click Save.

Top Tips:

1. The archive dates should run consecutively from one season to the next.
E.g. If the end of an archive is 31/08/2012, the start of the new archive should be 01/09/2012.

Season Archive_2

2. You only need to create one season archive for the whole club, not per team.

3. If you are connected to an official league competition, ensure that your season archive ends after the league’s end date, i.e. the last fixture of the competition.

Uploading Fixtures

The first thing fans and players want to do at the beginning of a new season is to look at the fixtures, picking out the big games and local derbies.

The quickest way to add fixture is to upload them to the Pitchero competition database, or join a list of fixtures which have already been added.

For a complete guide to the Pitchero competition database click here >>.

To add fixtures to the competition database, follow these instructions:

1. Send an excel file listing ALL of league fixtures to, using this format.

2. Include the league and division name you wish to add to the database.

Pitchero will then send out instructions on how to become a Division Admin, where you will be able to update the fixtures for the division.

Join A Competition

Once the fixtures are uploaded you will need to join a competition. To do this go to your:

Club Control Panel > Click “Team Information and Season Archive”

Click “Fixtures and Results” for the team you are wanting to connect.

Click the “Add/Edit” button in the “Connect to a league competition section”.

Use the search and drop down menu to find the correct league for your team.

Top tips:

1. Do not disconnect from the competition for your previous seasons – this will remove all fixtures, results and league tables and these will no longer be shown on your website. Use the season archive tool instead.

2. Make sure the dates of your season archive are correct.

Migrating Players and Parents

At the start of a new season, junior teams will need to migrate players and parents to a new age group (e.g. Move the Under 11’s to the U12’s etc.).

This can be done use the Pitchero player and parent migration tool.

Please note:

Do not create any new player accounts.
Do not change the name of any teams.*

*The only exception here is if you are adding or losing teams due to numbers.. e.g. U11s is becoming U12 Blue and U12s Red. In this situation, you would rename U12s to U12s Blue and create a new team called U12s Red.

Please note: Always move your oldest team first

Your first step should always be to move players leaving your oldest age group (probably U18s for Football, Senior Colts for Rugby Union). These players should be moved into the senior teams (1st, 2nds, 3rds etc.) first.

You should then follow the same method below for re-populating your junior teams (Example method for a club with 3 junior teams, U13s, U14s, U15s):

1. Create a new team called U16s. Move U15s players into the new, empty U16s team.

2. Move U14s into the empty U15s team and move the U13s into the empty U14s team.

Top Tips

Moving Players & Coaches:
CCP > Team Information > Players & Coaches > Edit Player

Moving whole groups of players:
CCP > Team Information > Player Migration Tool

Moving whole groups of parents:
CCP > Team Information > Parent Migration Tool

Moving individual parents and team admins:
WCP > Team Information > Search Existing Members
Add new role > Team Admin (new team)
Remove role > Team Admin (old team)

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