Review your funding options

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Upgrade your club website in 2021

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January 15, 2021
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Review your funding options

Although a lot of sport is on hold, running costs and overheads have continued for a lot of clubs and many are feeling the impact of COVID-19 on their finances.  With no official date for a return to sport, traditional means of funding like match fees, subs, sponsorship and face to face fundraising may not be possible for some months yet.

That’s why we’re recommending clubs use the summer to really make the most of online fundraising platform easyfundraising to keep funds coming in at this difficult time. 


How easyfundraising works

With easyfundraising, your entire community – supporters, staff, coaches and players - can generate free donations for your club simply by shopping online with their favourite retailers like Amazon, Sky, Just Eat, Trainline, eBay, Screwfix M&S and They just use the easyfundraising website or app to access these retailers and 4000 others and when they buy anything, the retailer sends your club a free donation at no additional cost.

It’s completely free to register and use and very simple to manage. 

All you need to get started is register your club as a cause with easyfundraising then follow our 3 step summer game plan below

easy fundraising button

3 steps easyfundraising

1. TELL your club community that you have registered with easyfundraising – and WHY

Your club will be given it’s own easyfundraising page so share that page with your community and ask them to sign up to support you. It’s also important to tell them WHY their support is needed so explain how you have been impacted by lockdown and what a difference their support can make to the future of your club.

Top tip: easyfundraising provide pre-prepared wording and images for your social channels, emails and website to help you get the message out easily and quickly

2. Show them how EASY it is to support you 

There are over 4000 retailers so your supporters can raise donations with all their favourite online stores. They can raise on everything from groceries, travel and mobiles to DIY, fashion and insurance and much more. They can even raise a donation from their Friday night takeway from Just Eat! 

Top Tip: Look out for emails from easyfundraising with retailer offers and share them with your supporters

3. REMIND your supporters – and THANK them too

Our top raising clubs regularly remind their supporters so they don’t forget to use easyfundraising when they shop. People are busy so it can sometimes slip their minds but if you make sure that you regularly post on Facebook, send a Whatsapp message or drop them an email, you’ll keep raising funds for you at the forefront of their mind. 

Top Tip: It’s just as important to thank the supporters who are raising for you – easyfundraising lets you easily send personalised messages to supporters when they hit an important milestone such as raising their first donation.easyfundraising button 2


1. Our club isn’t a charity – can we still use easyfundraising?

Yes – you don’t need to be a charity to use easyfundraising

2. Will it cost us anything?

No – easyfundraising is completely free to register and use for both you and your supporters. And your supporters will not be charged anything extra on their shopping either

3. How do we get our donations?

Providing you have raised over £15, easyfundraising total up all the donations raised by everyone supporting you every three months and send them to you by bank transfer or cheque. There is no charge for this. If your club hasn’t raised over £15 in the previous three months, the amount simply rolls into the next payment instead.

4. How does easyfundraising make money?

Like price comparison websites, easyfundraising makes money through affiliate marketing. This means that retailers pay them commission each time a sale is made through their site and they pass at least 50% of this on to your club. The donation rate shown on the website is what’s paid to a cause when one of their supporters buys something from a retailer.

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