Boost your membership post-Rugby World Cup

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June 1, 2020
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Boost your membership post-Rugby World Cup

wet-club-rugbyWhat a Rugby World Cup! All the home nations took us on a rollercoaster throughout the tournament and now is the time for clubs to maximise that interest in all things rugby. 

The weeks during and after the global tournament can provide a huge boost in grassroots rugby participation. Clubs should see an influx of new parents and young kids wanting to play and it’s a chance to encourage them down to have fun and socialise.

This World Cup bump may also make bring retired adult players back to the game, lead to more volunteers and be a prime time to approach sponsors for new deals.

get into rugbyWe’ve put together some ideas to see that your rugby club can really see a lasting legacy. 

Start marketing and outreach now!

  • Use social media to share all that your club offers. Re share video content from your federation, World Rugby and ITV. Add messages promoting your club. 'Like this?! Join our Club and star playing rugby!'
  • Plan a special get-into-rugby event. Organise starter sessions for adults - men and women.
  • Invite-a-mate. Let all juniors bring a friend for free to a training session. 
  • Put posters in local community clubs - scouts, guides, school halls and the 'Fish n Chip' shop!
  • Offer a special coaching event at a local school.
  • Free RFU resources (posters/social media graphics)

Lapsed members

  • Invite past members to a touch/training session - they may enjoy the fitness but not longer able to play matches.
  • Consider starting a Veterans team or a social 7's team?

Get your website in order

  • Use a custom domain name so your club can be easily found on google. (transfer URL or upgrade to Elite/Ultimate)
  • Post a news item welcoming new members with links to team info and registration. 
  • Create a new member section within site content and appoint a club ambassador to welcome new members. 
  • Sell your membership online via club shop
  • Make sure team information - coaches info, names, mobile numbers, training times - is up to date. New parents may want to ask questions before they turn up to training.
  • Girls teams - launch a female section, make the teams easy to find online, have a female club rep as the first point of contact.


  • Any vacancies? Promote them now as people will be looking at your website.
  • Add a volunteers section online - key info / who to contact.
  • Launch a rewards scheme for volunteers and appoint a Volunteers Coordinator.
  • Demonstrate with photos and testimonials how much the club values volunteers and how rewarding a role at your club can be.


  • Audit what your club sell as sponsorship properties.
  • Review existing sponsorships for renewals.
  • Invite potential sponsors to a match day experience.
  • Chances are the Rugby World Cup will have grabbed the attention of local business. Now is the time to show them how they can support local rugby and support the World Cup Stars of the future.

To make the most of this post-Rugby World Cup momentum, clubs need to flip their perspective and ask themselves: 

  • If you were a parent with a child who wants to play rugby and you have ZERO rugby experience ....what would you do??
  • If you were a past player, no longer wanting a game but wanting to keep fit and involved in the club .... what invitation would entice me back? 

Make sure both players and parents can find your club offline and online and receive a warm rugby welcome!

It's an exciting time for rugby across the UK and after a World Cup to remember, clubs are well placed to take advantage. 

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