Support your local team this Non-League day

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Football rule changes 2018: sin bins and subs

Back in May 2018, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) published changes to the rules of football and they came into force at the start of June.
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Support your local team this Non-League day

Non-League day has been on the football calender since 2010 and gives local communities the perfect chance to show their support for their local non-league club. 

Non-League Day 2017 will take place on the Saturday 7th of October and with none of the home nations playing on this year's date during the international break, more clubs and fans than ever before will be taking part. 

What is Non-League Day? 

Since it was set up by James Doe seven years ago as a social media experiment, the event has kept on growing and is backed by Premier League and Football League clubs, as well as media organisations, celebrities, charities, MPs and of course, the non-league clubs themselves. 

The day always coincides with the international break, giving non-league clubs the best chance to attract local communities and showcase how important, professionally run and friendly non-league clubs are. 

FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn comments on Non-League Day; 

"Non-League has become a really important part of the football calendar... The fact that its momentum grows every year is down to their (volunteers) hard work alongside those who work tirelessly across more than 600 leagues around the country week in, week out."

Head to the Non-League day website to read what others have to say about the day, including ex non-league player and England international Chris Waddle. 

Finding a club near you 

If you don't know already then finding a club that is partaking in this years Non-League Day is straightforward. 

Head to the Non-League Day website and scroll across to the 'Map' tab, here you'll be able to search your nearest town, city or insert your postcode and the website will find the nearest fixtures to you. 

Ideas to increase attendance on Non-League day

1. Offer free or 'pay what you want' for all supporters

Playing and being part of a big crowd will enhance the experience and epitomise what Non-League day is all about. In the past, crowd figures have been amazing when clubs have adopted this idea. The revenue lost through decreasing gate prices can be made up with the added sales of merchandise, food and drinks. 

2. Offer discounts to Premier League and Football League season ticket holders

As many of us know, season ticket prices in English football aren't exactly cheap, so the offer to top-level English club supporters to come and spend their Saturday afternoon watching football should almost certainly whet their appetite. 

3. Try and get your nearest Premier League and Football League clubs to promote your match on social media 

These clubs have a huge following across their social media platforms and even if's just one post leading up to the match, the number of people who will see it might have a tremendous impact on the number of supporters who turn up on the day. 

4. Incorporate a fundraising initiative 

Get in touch with any local causes or charities that you'd like to raise some money for and promote this in the build-up and throughout the day. This is a great way to galvanise community interest and bring people together to support a great cause, as well as enjoy everything your club has to offer. 

5. Advertise 

Big up your game as much as possible through advertisements in the local papers, shops and on any social media accounts and websites you have access to. This can all be done cheaply too, posting flyers in schools can be a great way to spread the word. 

These are just five ways to attract more people to your club this year, for more inspiration and ideas head to the Non-League Day website. 

What have clubs got planned?

There are a whole host of clubs that have some brilliant plans for Non-League Day, search your social media handles and your local newspapers to find more of what clubs are offering everyone.

These clubs are just a small selection of the awesome days some of your local non-league clubs have planned. 

Stalybridge Celtic

Hitchin Town 

Thackley AFC

Wealdstone FC

Barton Town FC 

Hallam FC 

Tower Hamlets FC

As Non-League Day approaches and the excitement builds, be sure to go and support your local club and soak up everything that's awesome about non-league football. 

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