How to track and trace players on match day

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November 22, 2021
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How to track and trace players on match day

Clubs can use Pitchero to track and trace players on match day. Here, we’ll show you how the Player Availability and Team Selection features work to do just that.

Player Availability

Players or parents can set their availability in advance through their Pitchero account or via the Club App

All Coaches or Team Managers using the Manager app can send prompts to request availability.

Team Selection

As the fixture approaches, the coach selects the team - either in the Club Control Panel on the website or via the Manager App.

The coach informs players or parents they have been picked to play in a fixture - either by email or push notification.

Team selection appears in a player’s schedule (via their User Account online or the Club App) as well as the team match page.

This selection is the official record of attendance and can be edited (by Coaches or Team Managers) after the game before submitting the result.

Exporting Attendance for Track and Trace

If your club needs to, player attendance for any match can be exported into a CSV format, ready to send to a league or governing body.

Each export includes:

  • Date and time
  • Location of the event
  • Type of event (training or fixture)
  • The event (Bradford FC vs Leeds FC)
  • First name and last name of all players

There is also an option to fill out the end time of each match.

Here’s our Track and Trace FAQ with how to export details of a fixture. It can be found in your Club Control Panel under 'Teams.'

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