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Posted by Will Hinch - 22 February, 2017


Collecting payments online is a feature that saves your club a whole heap of time and headaches. Today, we rolled out a series of improvements that make collecting payments through your club website even easier.

Access the Payments section of your Club Control Panel to get started with the new features.

Attach unlimited bank accounts

We recognise that plenty of community clubs have a number of bank accounts that fit specific purposes or collect for specific teams 

So now, you're able to add an unlimited number of bank accounts to your Club Control Panel.


Name and set a default account

To avoid any confusion with numerous bank accounts now populating your Club Control Panel, you can distinguish between them by editing the name of each account. After you've given each account an appropriate name (an example might be the team that account is associated with), you can also select a default account to act as your club's primary bank account.

When it comes to creating a new product, you can select which bank account you'd like collected payments to link up to.


More options to pay – Stripe or GoCardless

Alongside these improvements, we've also added Stripe as a payment gateway for collecting payments.

Add a bank account using Stripe to collect payments via Debit or Credit Card. If you prefer, you can still choose to add a bank account using GoCardless, allowing you to collect payments via Direct Debit.


Note: When using multiple GoCardless bank accounts, bare in mind you'll need a separate GoCardless account (created using different email address) to link to each one. 

Stripe does allow multiple bank accounts to be linked to the same email address, although you will have to create a second account with Stripe before linking them together.

Got some feedback?

Head to your Club Control Panel to get started with an even better Payments feature. If you've got any feedback on how we can make further improvements, contact support@pitchero.com.

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