UPDATE – Upload video quicker and easier

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How to track and trace players

While following government guidelines for COVID-19, clubs can use the Pitchero Club Website and Mobile Apps to track and trace players as they return to playing sport in a safe environment. ...
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July 31, 2020
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UPDATE – Upload video quicker and easier

Video content is becoming an ever more important part of engaging your club members – and we recognise that there should be no difficulty in uploading all your video content online.

That's why we've made some significant updatesto the way you upload video to your club website and then share it with all your members.

Moderate your own videos

The most significant change we've made is that videos uploaded via the club control panel moderated by you, the club and not the Pitchero team. Videos uploaded now only have to be moderated by a Webmaster at your club - meaning you can have videos shared on your club website much quicker on evenings and weekends.

video uploader update laptop and mobile mockup
For Webmasters, check the video section of your Club Control Panel to view and moderate videos submitted to your club website.

There's also a second layer of moderation. Within each video player, you'll find a “Report” button. If you find anything inappropriate posted on your site, fill in the short Report form and we'll take a look into it for you.

Smoother, simpler uploads

We've also improved the capability of our video uploader. The responsive, mobile-friendly system will now be able to upload larger file sizes with ease, and videos can be uploaded directly from your desktop, laptop or mobile device - or alternatively from Google Drive.

video uploader update laptop and mobile mockup
You can even shoot and upload a video from within the system. Using your desktop or laptop's webcam, or mobile device's camera, you can create a video and upload it to your club website all in one window.

Sharing video has never been easier

The final update in our three-pronged video upgrade is on sharing. Uploading a video and sharing it with specific clubs and teams is now a two-stage process. Upload your video, then select which clubs and teams you'd like to share it with.

video uploader update laptop and mobile mockup
It makes for a much more logical process that just makes uploading video that little bit easier.

Noticed something's not right?

Getting outstanding video content onto your club website and shared amongst your club members has never been easier - no matter your device. Head to your Club Control Panel now to get going with your new and improve video uploader.

As always, we want these improvements to enrich your members sporting experience and make running your club that much easier. If you spot anything that isn't quite right or feel we could improve the video uploader even more, then get in touch.

Contact our support team via email at support@pitchero.com, or call us on 0113 292 6070 with any feedback you have.

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