16 of the best cricket bats in 2017


Posted by Will Hinch - 13 April, 2017


Looking to take your game to the next level this season? You'll be needing a new chunk of willow to wield at opposition bowlers in the 2017 season then. 

We spoke to cricket equipment experts CricketSupplies.com, who gave us this run down of the best bats you can get your hands on from every major supplier this coming season. 



A long middle swell, wide weight range and balanced pick up make the XT CX11 a perfectly balanced bat for powerful stroke play. 

Catch England's prolific Wicketkeeper batsman Jonny Bairstow with it this season, matching his impeccable timing with the XT CX11 to mould the ultimate boundary hitter.

Libro Pro

If you prefer a slightly higher sweet spot, plump for the Libro Pro. 

It's high middle swell and high spine makes for a balanced bat that's perfect for a dasher who comes in and plays their shots from ball one. 

blog best bats 2017 Adidas XT-CX11 and Libro ProGet your Adidas XT CX 11 and Libro Pro from CricketSupplies.com

Gunn & Moore 

Mana L540 DXM 808

Bats in 2017 are big, and GM's Mana range is a testament to that trend. A 65mm swell depth and 35mm edges deliver enormous power built for batting in the modern age. 

Neon L540 DXM 909

The Neon range realigns the Mana's measurements, reducing the swell depth but maximising with enormous edges. Intimidating to bowlers and able to back it up too.

 blog best bats 2017 Mana 808 and Neon 909Get your Gunn & Moore Mana 808 and Neon 909 from CricketSupplies.com


Kahuna Xtreme

Billed as the spearhead of Kookaburra's range for over a decade, the Kahuna's big profile and precise sweet spot is the ideal choice for a powerful stroke player. 

Blaze 900

Developed with the modern game's ultimate hitter, Jos Buttler, the Blaze features a more traditional profile.

With a slightly rounded profile and smaller edges, the Blaze achieves greater accuracy and precision when pulling out your innovations around the wicket.

blog best bats 2017 kookaburra Blaze 900 and Kahuna

 Get your Kahuna Xtreme and Blaze 900 from CricketSupplies.com

New Balance 

TC 660

Newly appointed England captain Joe Roots has all the ingredients of a top-draw batsman: innovation, intelligence and power – and in the TC he has a bat to match those skills. 

A big, mid-positioned swell and large edges allow New Balance's TC to deliver whether it be a full-blooded drive or delicate reverse sweep. 

DC 880

The DC range contrasts with the TC in focusing more on brute force in your stroke play. England's lower order destroyer Ben Stokes harnesses a bat with a deep and low swell and large edges to force the ball over the infield and, often, over the rope. 

 blog best bats 2017 New Balance TC 660 and DC 880Get your New Balance TC 660 and DC 880 from CricketSupplies.com



Newbery is an English based bat manufacturer coming up towards a century in the industry, and 2017's Triumph is another successful notch in their reputation. Slight incurves and a high spine make for a light pick up and excellent weight control for flashing your wrists through the line of the ball. 


The Merlin sticks to the "lighter is better" formula, as an easy pick-up allows for fast hands and lightening bat speed. Still, armed with a higher sweet spot and longer, more powerful toe than the Triumph, you'll generate plenty of oomph.

 blog best bats 2017 Newberry Merlin and TriumphGet your Newbery Triumph and Merlin from CricketSupplies.com


Velocity XP1

Gray-Nicolls have generations of experience in crafting English Willow into outstanding cricket bats, and the Velocity XP1 is a testament to that.

And with the Velocity, everything goes big. A hefty sweet spot and huge edges make for a chunky and intimating profile whilst allowing for greater power at the crease.


An uncompromisingly powerful bat, the Predator delivers the ultimate in brute force; perfect for those who optimise their shot making for sheer strength. 

blog best bats 2017 Predator and Velocity XP1 Get your Gray-Nicolls Velocity XP1 and Predator from CricketSupplies.com


Sword Classic

Our two SF recommendations share similarities that make them both suitable to the modern player. Delivering power from thick edges and a curved blade, the Sword Classic is on hand to provide power when you're going over the top. 

Maximum Elite

The Maximum Elite mirrors the Sword Classic by offering a significant edges and a big sweet spot for power hitting, but a full block power profile also makes it ideal for lovers of improvisation at the crease.

blog best bats 2017 SF Sword Classic and Maximum Elite Get your SF Sword Classic and Maximum Elite from CricketSupplies.com



A lot of cricket bats in this roundup are focused on power. The Vision doesn't skimp on allocated power in your shots but also adds a little extra for controlling stroke play. 

A subtle bow to the face adds a hint of control, allowing you to increase your accuracy when looking to pierce the in-field or avoid a boundary rider when going over the top. 


A great all-rounders bat. A long sweep spot down the middle of the blade combines with a full spine and minimal concaving to allow for maximum power in every shot. Plus, that long swell maximises the effectiveness of stroke play be it off the front or back foot.

blog best bats 2017 TON Vision and Platinum

 Get your TON Vision and Platinum from CricketSupplies.com

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