New Approved Supplier - VX3 Sportswear

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August 10, 2023
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New Approved Supplier - VX3 Sportswear

VX3, a renowned supplier of sportswear and team kits, are the latest addition to the growing list of Pitchero Approved Suppliers.

As an added bonus, VX3 is extending exclusive discounts to all Pitchero clubs! If you're interested in taking advantage of their incredible offers, simply fill out the form below and enquire about their exclusive deals.

VX3 is a leading sportswear company that specialises in supplying high-quality kits for a variety of sports, including rugby, football, cricket and netball. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, VX3 has become the go-to choice for teams seeking performance-enhancing apparel.

VX3 Rugby

About VX3

We don't believe in off-the-shelf kits. Your kit should represent your team's culture, your community, and your identity. Opting for a custom kit from VX3 means that you can incorporate anything into your kit, whether that's a local landmark, a certain pattern, or club members' names - there really is no limit. Your club is unique, so why wear the same kit as everyone else?

Founded by sports enthusiasts who understand the importance of reliable apparel, the company has grown to become a powerhouse in the kit provider market. Using years of experience and a passion for sport, VX3 has perfected the art of crafting top-notch kits that stand the test of time.

We use the best materials that are designed to optimize your performance. Using the strongest and most durable materials to improve performance and comfort while on the pitch or court, every aspect of our kits is carefully engineered for peak performance. This focus on functionality ensures that athletes can concentrate on their game without any distractions.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. VX3 take pride in going above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We provide dedicated in-house account managers and customer service team who can provide assistance and help your specific needs and provide tailored solutions. With quick turnaround times and a commitment to meeting deadlines, VX3 has earned a reputation as a reliable kit partner for teams of all sizes.

We have a proven Track Record of providing kit at the highest level with the likes of Dragons RFC, Royal Navy Rugby Union, Salford Red Devils and most recently Newport County AFC.

Alongside providing kit to teams, we also have a team of ambassador/product testers that includes Olympic Sprinter, Charlotte Wingfield and Fijian Rugby Union and Northampton Saint’s, Sam Matavesi.

Complete the form below to see special offers available for your club.


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