The Scottish football league pyramid

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August 3, 2022
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The Scottish football league pyramid

The Scottish football league pyramid underwent a significant change back in 2013, which formed a structure that helped the teams at the bottom of the system progress to the top.

Now, regular promotion and relegation between the Highland Football League, Lowland Football League and the Scottish Professional Football League takes place, similar to England’s Football League and National League structure.

blog-scottish-football-league-rugby-parkCredit: Tom Hodgkinson / CC BY-SA

Football in Scotland

The top flight of Scottish football is the Scottish Premiership followed by Scottish Championship, Scottish League One and Scottish League Two. (These four collectively make up the Scottish Professional Football League).

Next in the seven-tier system is the Highland Football League and Lowlands Football League; the champions of each face each other for a chance to take on the bottom-placed side of Scottish League Two and go for promotion.

The East of Scotland Football League (Premier Division), South of Scotland Football League and West of Scotland Football League (Premier Division) are tier 6.

The West of Scotland Football League’s three conferences and East of Scotland Football League’s First Division (two conferences) make up Tier 7.

The last Senior league is the North Caledonian Football League which currently sits outside the Scottish football pyramid. Their 13 clubs will contest the 2021-22 season in two divisions, due to Covid-19.

blog-scottish-football-league-womens-footballScottish Women’s Football Pyramid

Scottish women’s football has four levels:

Level 1
Scottish Women’s Premier League 1

Level 2

Scottish Women’s Premier League 2

Level 3

Scottish Women’s Football League (SWFL) Championship North            
Scottish Women’s Football League (SWFL) Championship South

Level 4
SWFL Central/South East
SWFL West/South West

SWFL North/East
Highlands & Islands League

Here are the fixtures and results for Scottish Women’s Football that oversees a range of leagues, cups at senior and youth level.

blog.pitchero.comhs-fshubfsEmail AssetsBlogJuneFootballblog-do-we-concentrate-on-the-result-too-much-in-youth-sports-football-celebrationScottish Junior Football

The Scottish Junior Football Association (SJFA) administers three regions in the junior leagues. 

  • East Region - Made up 38 teams, spanning across four leagues 
  • North Region - Made up of 32 teams across SuperLeague and two divisions
  • West Region - Made up of 63 teams across four leagues. 

Amateur Football in Scotland

The Scottish Amateur Football Association oversees over 1,000 registered clubs, which compete in more than 50 different leagues (winter, summer and highlands).

There are believed to be in the region of 32,000 amateur footballers in Scotland and the SAFA also oversees a range of national and district cups.

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