5 ways Pitchero can help save your time

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Pitchero launches Stripe Connect Express and a Price Promise Guarantee.
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February 13, 2024
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5 ways Pitchero can help save your time

As a volunteer of a sports club, finding time to help with the many aspects of running a club can be a huge challenge.

That's why at Pitchero, we've made it our mission to create a range of tools to help you, the volunteer, spend less time on those menial club admin tasks; so you can get more time to enjoy the sport you love.

Here are just a selection of ways, that Pitchero can save you time.

1. Update your website in seconds

No one wants to spend an age updating the content on your club website. You need a system that's easy to navigate and easy to use - that's exactly what you get with a Pitchero website.

There's no HTML to edit. Just add your content (like a club news item, event or document) and hit save. We even automatically send notifications to club members via the Pitchero App - saving you another job!

2. Select squads 

As much as you may enjoy matchdays, the build up to the game can be massively stressful. "Do we have enough players?" "Do the parent's know about the game this weekend?" are just a couple of the issues you may face in the build-up to the big game.

The Pitchero selection and availability tool lets you ask players and parents which days they are available to play, giving you a complete view of who is available across all of your squads on a specific day.

Your coaches can then post a squad selection in the days before the fixture to let members know which game they are involved in and where to go.

This is all handled by the Team Admins, who can send email and push notifications to members in just a few clicks. Plus with the Pitchero Manager app, you can do this from your phone!

3. Online membership forms

One of the biggest jobs for club administrators is managing the process of registering new and existing members each season - something likely to involve stacks of paper forms, filing and excel spreadsheets.

Pitchero gives you the tools to move this registration process online. You get a completely customisable membership database, where you can collect and store information about all of your members securely.

When a new member joins, simply point them to the website to register and they'll fill out your required membership fields. For existing members, there's a simple membership prompt that you can send from within your control panel, which asks members to login and update this info. 

This means your members data is kept secure and up-to-date (away from those annoying excel spreadsheets!).

4. Group communication

Whilst WhatsApp may be the go to choice for many people's group messaging, it might not be the perfect place to communicate club events and news. With Pitchero you can send messages to specific groups of people at your club in just a few clicks. Your members will then receive the message via push notification (from the Club App) and email.

Let's take parents as an example. You can create a group in Pitchero, which contains all parents of a particular age group or even across the entire club. You can then send them a message about an upcoming tournament, with info such as start time, directions etc. 

Parents can then respond to your message if they have any questions. No more calls or texts!

5. Multiple Webmasters/Admins

One of the common questions we are asked by clubs looking to use Pitchero is "Can the site be updated by more than one person?" 

It sure can! You can get help from other club officials by adding them as a Webmaster via your membership database and even control which areas of the site they can update.

For example, you may have a Social Secretary at your club who is responsible for organising club events. You definitely want them to be able to add events and club news items to advertise them, but you probably don't want them accessing membership info or editing team content - not a problem with Pitchero!

We also have a role called a Team Admin, which you can give to coaches who only want to update and access information about their team. This way, you can pass responsibility for making sure team info is up-to-date, on to the people who organise each team.

Looking to join Pitchero? Get started for Free here.

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