7 benefits of a professionally designed club website

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February 17, 2020
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7 benefits of a professionally designed club website

A well designed and fully functioning website is an increasingly vital component in the day-to-day running of any club. It should act as the primary home of our club's digital existence, providing news; collecting membership fees; and acting as a platform for communicating with fellow club members.

Given the importance of an epic club website, it’s paramount you get the design and feel exactly right. A professionally designed website can bring a great number of benefits to your club, many of which you may not have considered before.

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1. Make a good first impression

In the digital age your website often acts as the first impression to people discovering your club for the first time. If anyone wishes to find out more about your club, chances are they'll head straight online and search for your website.


A professionally designed site (which Pitchero offers as part of our service) will leave a lasting impression on new visitors and translate the hard work you do on the pitch into a club that generates business from it (more on that soon).

2. Sign-up new members

With a site that stands out from the crowd, you could see your club membership increase. A well-designed site radiates professionalism, organisation and ultimately a feeling that your club is a great place to come and play some sport.

Remember, your website is likely to be the first place potential new members will go. Impress them with a bold design and they’ll soon want to be a part of your club.

3. Increase traffic

For all your existing members, followers and even opponents, the club website is the place to go for the latest news, match reports, fixutres and statisitcs.

A site with an exciting design filled with great content stands much more chance of increasing visitors to your site, and keeps them coming back for more (a factor which can be vital to increasing club revenue).


Tip: With Pitchero, all club websites include a Performance page in the Club Control Panel, helping you to monitor how much traffic your website is generating. Becoming an authority on everything to do with your club doesn’t just stop at content. A design that represents what your club stands for will ensure visitors know exactly where to come for all things relating to your club.

4. Entice new sponsors

Make that first step by increasing traffic, and your club will be a considerably more attractive proposition for potential sponsors. The boost in traffic a well constructed website can bring will also mean a boost in traffic to any sponsors you feature on the site. The more eyes you put your club sponsors infront of, the more revenue you'll be able to generate from sponsorship deals.

Similarly, sponsors will be much more keen to associate themselves with a club website that looks clean, professional and embodies the passion of your club.


Tip: Just like Chinnor RFC have done above, Pitchero clubs can embed logos and links in their website header – giving sponsors a prominent position on the site. Alongside these great revenue openings, a top-of-the-line website design can drive visitors towards other revenue opportunities such as fundraising and selling merchandise in your club shop.

5. Increase revenue

We all know that revenue is a vital part of the on-going success of your club. Get a shiny new impressive design and a number of key commercial avenues will open up for your club.


6. Be unique

Your club forms an integral part of the makeup of your local community. Hours of endeavour are clocked up every single week in an effort to make it a success both on-and-off the pitch.

Take that passion and pride and take it online. Make your website the focal point of all that is good about the club and surrounding community.

That pride begins with the look of your site. Stand out from crowd by incorporating club logos, mottos and colour schemes that reflect your club's identity.

7. Show off your club

Ultimately, the club website is a chance to promote your club to the world. It represents your entire online presence and acts as the visual representation of your club.

Encapsulate all the hard work and passion that goes into running your community club with a website design that shouts it out - and opportunities like the ones we've raised here will follow.

With Pitchero, opening doors through a fresh website design is simple. Our Standard and Pro packages include custom artwork created by our in-house design team, bringing your website to life and allowing your club to reap the benefits of a great looking site.

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