7 Ways A Sports Video And Analysis Hub Makes Every Player Feel Valued

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May 25, 2022
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7 Ways A Sports Video And Analysis Hub Makes Every Player Feel Valued

Most sports clubs reserve major investments for their top talent.

They allocate funds in ways that promise the best chance of success. But while this makes sense from a certain perspective, it can leave many players feeling undervalued.

Those who fail to make the 1st XI miss the benefits that technologies like sports video and analysis bring, leaving them at an immediate disadvantage. Moreover, by favouring those at the top, clubs risk creating two classes of players.

Squad members who get to maximise their potential — and everyone else. But technology now exists that makes it easier and more affordable for clubs at every level to offer live video footage and analysis to grassroots teams, youth academies, 2nd XIs, you name it. 

If you invest in a centralised video and analysis hub, there will be fewer reasons than ever to prize top-level success above all else.

How Automated Video is Redefining Sports Coaching and Analysis

No matter what level you compete at, every player wants to watch today’s match, relive Sunday’s last-minute winner, or check if it ‘really was a penalty.’

But most of the time, you’ll be lucky to find anything better than a shaky Facebook video of the moment (and even when you do, the footage will likely make it impossible for you to see the ball, leaving you with nothing to share with family and friends).

But a centralised hub enables clubs to streamline video capture — or even create an archive for players and coaches to watch back in the years to come.

And it’s bringing a new sense of unity to thousands of teams worldwide in seven ways.

7 Ways Video Makes Every Player Feel Valued

Automated video enables clubs with no in-house technical expertise to record footage, then share it with the community. 

This ensures all coaches and players feel like valued team members, here’s how:

  1. Scalability: a centralised hub is an economical way to scale video footage beyond the first team.
  2. Shareability: every player can access the recordings, making it easy for anyone to watch, share with friends and family, or post on social media.
  3. Grassroots tracking: archived footage makes it easy for staff to track a player’s rise through the ranks.
  4. Player improvement: the system can turn entire clubs into learning hubs, helping everyone see how they can improve.
  5. Performance benchmarks: the wealth of data makes it easy for clubs to create performance metrics across teams.
  6. Player experience: players won’t just improve; they’ll enjoy playing more if they can watch themselves on screen.
  7. Point of difference: some clubs struggle to attract new members, but learning hubs are a valuable selling point that can encourage players to join.

A centralised hub gives players the footage and analysis they need to become masters of their own feedback. In parallel, it challenges coaches to take the team’s performance to the next level. 

And the more people who experience the power of a centralised hub, the more valued every player will feel.

The Ultimate Sports Video and Analysis Hub

Pixellot is revolutionising the sports world with pioneering AI-automated video production solutions.

The company has redefined how clubs can help capture live footage with an innovative system called Pixellot Air: a lightweight, portable, and simple-to-use camera that’s trusted by everyone from grassroots academies to Barcelona FC (who even helped develop the system).

Pixellot Air enables clubs to:

  • Record every match without any operators
  • Track and analyse games and training sessions
  • Share footage across platforms

And the system offers more than just another way for players to post their skills on Instagram. It democratises data availability and helps the whole squad improve.

You can schedule a demo by clicking here.

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