10 reasons your club needs to move membership & payments online

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The Future of Club Payments

Pitchero launches Stripe Connect Express and a Price Promise Guarantee.
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February 13, 2024
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10 reasons your club needs to move membership & payments online

A club’s future is built around its volunteers as well as its financial security. Anything that can make life easier and encourage the flow of income into the club has to be a positive.

At Pitchero, we take traditionally tiresome tasks (managing membership databases and collecting payments) online. This makes it simpler and more effective for clubs, coaches, players and parents.

Using the tools in your club website’s Control Panel, you can remove the headaches that come with collecting payments the old-fashioned way.



Save time by not manually having to keep track of who’s paid what. Ditch the trips to the bank to process cheques and use our online functionality to see a full breakdown of payments with advanced reporting.

Our Shop & Payments features help clubs turbocharge their income and crucially, that money is received up-front. That gives certainty, helps with financial planning and makes it easier to select squads based on paid members.

Clubs use online payments to do all kinds of things; they process everything from memberships to social events and summer camps to league fines.


Clubs adopting Shop and Payments we’ve talked to have raised their revenue by up to 80%!

Click the banner above to get started with Pitchero and start achieving your club goals by boosting revenue.

Here’s 10 reasons your club should move membership and payments online….

10 Reasons to move membership and payments online

Grow your club revenue with Shop and Payments 

Book a call with a Pitchero expert, and have all your questions answered on how best to utilise Pitchero’s range of features to grow club revenue and attract new members.

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