3 quick wins for any club website

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November 22, 2021
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3 quick wins for any club website

For those running a club website, knowing what to feature and what to sell can be an awkward judgement call.

From clicking around the Pitchero rankings, there were a few observations that might help. So here are three top tips for some quick wins…


ONE - Homepage Featured Content 

As you know, these four news items rotate on a carousel at the top of your homepage. They are your prime real-estate. Readers see them without needing to scroll. 

But, when did you last update them?

It can give the impression your club website's out of date - when it’s not. Particularly if the news items you’ve chosen are months old.

Club news further down the homepage might be packed with recent content but that relies on people looking and noticing.

It’s easy to forget to do but here’s how to update homepage featured content with a few clicks. Alternatively, change the date of your four featured posts so they’re more recent.

leeds-broomfield-cricketTWO - Club shop

If you visit shops on sports club websites, you might sometimes see ‘No products available.’

That could be because they’ve already collected membership (depending on the sport) or are in the process of working out the pricing for a new season.

I appreciate selling during a pandemic can feel sensitive, particularly if there’s no sport. However, we are all shopping online more than ever and if you offer value to your members, it will be appreciated. 

Where possible, always have something people can buy all-year-round (like a lottery) or alternatively, invite donations with a powerful, fundraising message.

Shirt SponsorTHREE - Supporting sponsors

What does your club do for sponsors if the season is paused or disrupted?

Do you profile them on your website with active links in the article off to their website and social media?

Make sure you include active links - ie) a working URL highlighted blue. When you’re creating/editing an article, highlight relevant text, then it’s the hyperlink/chain icon and add a web address.

For any new partnerships, think about a blog post with a specific offer for your members and explain how the sponsor is getting involved.

So, three areas to think about...your club might have bases covered or it could spark some ideas.

Book a Demo

Book a demo with a Pitchero expert

If your club is interested in joining Pitchero or upgrading its package, book a demo to have all your questions answered.

There are also case studies with clubs across sports who discuss how they use Pitchero and get the most from it.

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