The ultimate guide to collecting club donations online!

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February 13, 2024
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The ultimate guide to collecting club donations online!

Did you know you can collect donations through your club website?

Since 2020, clubs have jumped at the chance to raise funds through online donations. The donations tool was first introduced to be part of an online fundraising strategy for clubs, a way for members and supporters to raise money amid lockdowns and a lack of sport and fundraising events during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the world moves on, the tool will remain in place so clubs can continue to raise money through online donations as part of their wider fundraising strategy, alongside more traditional fundraising events in the future.

Using the donations tool, clubs can create an online donation page to raise funds. The total amount donated so far with the tool is into the hundreds of thousands of pounds by Pitchero clubs.

With online donations of varying sizes, the generosity of the grassroots community has helped clubs such as Richmond Cricket Club and Chinnor Rugby Club when they most needed it. 

Speaking about the tool at the time, Richard from Richmond CC said:

"Our Appeal is going well, and the tool is a part of that. We have already made significant progress, with some people taking the opportunity to donate a bespoke amount. I have been hugely impressed with the responsiveness from Pitchero"

Sean from Chinnor Rugby Club commented:

"It is very straightforward and quick to create a donation product using the new tool. We received over £7,000 from almost 80 donors and our Board is very pleased - and grateful. People have been so generous at a very difficult time."

Since our first webinar about online donations, clubs have launched their own online donation pages and we've been monitoring their success. The number of clubs raising funds with Pitchero is into the hundreds now!

Copy of donations (2)From rugby to cricket to football, clubs are using the donations tool to raise money and encourage people to give something back.

Some clubs have even been asked by their members how they can make a donation, such as Coney Hall FC.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of News Item Artwork - Covid-19 FundraisingWant to set up the donations tool to raise money for your club?

1) Read our blog on creating a custom amount donation product.

2) Next, you need to get the word out to a wide audience. Try to reach your local community, local businesses and former players. You can use email, social media, local press and your club website to help you with this step.

3) Make sure to use all the features provided by Pitchero; add a sticky news item to the top of your club homepage and send an email to all of your registered club members. 

4) Assign members to the donation product and send them an invite to make a donation online. Here's a guide on assigning and prompting members.

If you need a hand setting this up, or have any questions about how to use Shop & Payments, please email

Click here to book a demo of the Shop & Payments tool at a time that suits.

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