3 ways upgrading to Elite or Ultimate can boost your club's revenue

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3 ways upgrading to Elite or Ultimate can boost your club's revenue

At Pitchero, we provide amateur and semi-professional sports clubs with the best tools to help boost your revenue.

Revenue is vital to every community club. However, upgrading to our Elite or Ultimate website packages can significantly help your club to increase revenue.

Upgrade today to get started with Elite and Ultimate Package's revenue-boosting features in your Club Control Panel, or book a call with your Account Manager today to find out more about how Pitchero's Packages can help your club grow.

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1. Lower transaction fees

Lowering the percentage of the fees you pay when taking money through payments is the most significant way to save your club some money.

If your club is on either the Free or Elite package, your transaction fee sits at 1.9%. Upgrade to the Ultimate package and that fee reduces to 0.9%.

Case Study: Harvesters FC are a junior football club that list over 50 teams on their website and with nearly 1,600 registered members. The club use their centralised, efficient Shop and Payments system to collect membership fees. Since joining Pitchero in 2015, Harvesters FC have gone from taking no revenue in online payments, to approaching £200,000 in two years!

That extra 1% saved Harvesters £2000 in transaction fees, more than doubling their annual fee for the Ultimate Package. If your club is taking lots of money through club fees, the Ultimate package is definitely for you.

2. Tools to help boost traffic

Website analytics

When you upgrade to the Elite or Ultimate packages, your club will have access to detailed website analytics. This allows you to assess what content works for your club. Without it, you could be putting a lot effort into churning out content which isn't engaging your members or attracting traffic and exposure to your site.

Reduced adverts

Having a bombardment of adverts on your website can be annoying to both you and your members, which could lead to some people not wanting to return.

Upgrading to the Elite package will give you no full takeover advertising. This will give you more space to showcase your content, helping draw visitors to what matters on your site.

Upgrading to the Ultimate package will ensure your website has no banner advertising, as well as no full takeover ads. 

Your own domain name

Having a memorable domain name will make it so much easier for users to find your website online, especially as it will rank better on Google. This is something that comes as part of the Elite and Ultimate packages.

Why is this important: Gaining more traffic means your website is a greater asset to your club when looking for sponsors. Potential sponsors want exposure, so the more traffic you have, the more exposure you can give them.

3. Attract new members

Choice of 5 website templates

Tailor your content towards attracting new members with the choice of 5 great website templates by upgrading to the Elite or Ultimate package.

Custom website design

Bring your website to life by upgrading to the Elite or Ultimate packages by working with our in-house design team to create a unique website design. Using your club colours and imagery, a unique design makes your website looks professional and stands out alongside other websites. This, for potential new members, is exciting.

Why is this important: People head straight online to find out more about something and your club is certainly no different. Attract potential new members to your club with an impressive design filled with great content, the more members you get on board, the more revenue your club will gain.

Upgrade now to get started

To upgrade, head to the Packages section in your Club Control Panel.

Or if you'd would like to find out more about what our Elite and Ultimate packages can offer your club, click the banner below to book a call with your Account Manager.

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