Club Payments Online: Why It Works

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The Future of Club Payments

Pitchero launches Stripe Connect Express and a Price Promise Guarantee.
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February 13, 2024
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Club Payments Online: Why It Works

Club payments are the vital flow of transactions, from membership to match fees, that all clubs rely on - and doing it online can be a huge improvement.

We’ll explore the key benefits below and how to get started quickly with Pitchero.

blog-match-fees-collect-payments1: Online payments can increase your club revenue

Pitchero research shows that clubs taking payments online can collect 30% more income on average.

Tracking offline payments is a nightmare - all the cash, cheques, spreadsheets and endless trips to the bank. It’s inevitable that some payments will be missed.

In Pitchero’s Club Control Panel, see who’s not yet paid and send an email reminder with a link to pay.

Taking club payments online means every payment is collected and recorded. This means you can track income and chase every non-paying member more easily.

In short, no more missed payments – means more revenue for your club.

2: Offer one-off or recurring payments

Being flexible with how members can pay for things like membership, match fees or sports tours will be appreciated.

It’s easy to set up products as a one-off amount of a recurring sum to offer both routes. This is most convenient for members and also means your club cashflow will be spread across the year.

payments graph
3: Saving time for club volunteers

Ask any Club Treasurer and chasing payments will be very high up their list of most unwelcome jobs.

They don’t want to keep hassling anyone for the money - managing the process online means speedy reminders can be fired off with a few clicks of a mouse instead.

Pitchero offers a cashless payment system for clubs that lightens the load for those managing a club’s finances.

The dashboard and reporting tools mean income is always known for any product and who has yet to pay is easily identifiable.

4: Members want to pay online

We are all now used to paying for products and services online. Club payments are no different. Many Pitchero clubs are taking a cashless approach to make it simpler for everyone.

Members would rather pay online with a credit or debit card at a time that suits them. A club website, including its shop, is open 24/7 and can be used to sell anything you like.


5: Complete safety and transparency

Club officials (including captains and coaches) don’t want to be handling large amounts of cash, visiting the bank and having to remember that Joe hasn’t paid for two weeks but Matt has paid half of Saturday and all of Sunday.

Doing online club payments means record-keeping is visible all the time, data can be filtered and reports can be exported to Excel.

Meanwhile, Pitchero doesn’t store bank information of clubs or its members.

Instead, we work with trusted global payment providers GoCardless and Stripe to process all online payments.

Match Fees

6: It’s cheaper than you think 

Many clubs collect subs, membership and sell teamwear through their club website because it makes financial sense.

There is a cost for this functionality but it can be factored into a club’s pricing and think of all the time saved, no more chasing phone calls, stamps and paper admin or petrol money for bank trips. 

The transaction fees depend on what package your club is on, the payment provider and the country you’re in.

payments__headerHow does our club get started?

If you don’t use Pitchero yet for collecting club payments then sign up for one of our club website packages - and get a 30-day free trial to roadtest features!

If your club has a Pitchero website - and now wants to start collecting online payments, go to your control panel and click Shop & Payments. 

If you require help or support, just book a call with a Pitchero Account Manager to walk you through the steps.

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