5 things your club website can do now to boost your sports club's revenue

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October 18, 2021
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5 things your club website can do now to boost your sports club's revenue

For local community clubs, establishing revenue streams is one of the most difficult yet vital processes you’ll be faced with.

Thankfully, there are actually a number of effective features in your Pitchero club website that can help give a boost to your club’s coffers – some of which you may not have considered before.

1. Sell using Shop and Payments

If your club hasn’t already ditched the old-hat methods of chasing players for match fees and handling a mountain of hand-written IOUs, online payments is a quick and simple reality that will instantly boost club revenue.

Setting up a Product using Shop and Payments is easy and can help your club collect yearly subs, kit, match fees, tickets for a club event, and pretty much everything that requires a payment at your club.

Plus, every club website created with Pitchero comes with the online payments feature as standard with no startup costs.

image-12.jpgCase Study: Radcliffe Borough FC use their Pitchero site to collect season tickets, paid securely online through one of our payments gateways GoCardless (you can also collect payments through Stripe if you prefer).

This one centralised system makes it a whole load easier to submit, track and ultimately collect payments from club members – giving your club the revenue it needs. 

2. Recruit some new members

To collect these various payments, you need members! Members are the lifeblood of your club, and generating a steady stream of new members will result in a timely increase in revenue.

Thankfully, a cost-effective recruitment tool is right at your fingertips. The club website acts as the hub of your club’s online presence, and any potential new members are likely to head straight online to find out more. 

image-14.jpgCase Study: Tring Rugby Club use their homepage to display the passion and dedication their club serves to the local community - plus an invitation to join them.

Tring also have a detailed information page summarising their club history and showcasing past players, emphasising their sense of community and attracting more of the like-minded members they currently boast.

Don't underestimate the power of the first impression. Throughout your site, embody the passion and dedication of your club and invite people to share in that passion by joining your club. The more members you have, the more revenue you can drive through membership fees, events and more. 

With a Pitchero club website, you can work with our in-house design team to create the perfect look. As part of the Elite and Ultimate packages, we'll create a website design that reflects the voice of your club. 

3. Invest some time in content

It may not be immediately obvious why, but taking the time to create news items, match reports and information on upcoming events can translate into a handy boost in revenue.

Maintaining a consistent stream of content in the form of news or match reports will translate into an increase in website traffic. Visitors that see quality content on a consistent basis are more likely to become regular visitors, coming back to read future posts. 

image-15.jpgCase Study: Earlswood Cricket Club have created a consistent stream of great content, using relevant images and informative headlines to boost their traffic.

Every Pitchero site comes with a Performance page, helping you to monitor site traffic and see what content works best for increasing it.

What does this mean for revenue? Traffic is of particular interest to one major revenue boosting-stream from our next point.

4. Ramp up your sponsorship

Sponsors just want to get their name out there, and helping them to do so can lead to a direct increase in revenue for your club.

Every visitor that shows up on your site is another chance to showcase your sponsors. The more visitors to your site, the more eyes that see your sponsors - making your club a more attractive proposition to potential sponsors and allowing you to demand a higher price for space on your club website.

In many cases, sponsors could even pay for your club website package for an entire year just to be placed as a lead sponsor on your site - as is the case with a number of Pitchero clubs.

image-16.jpgCase Study: Hucknall Town FC showcase their main sponsors in the club website header. They also have a revolving carousel of sponsors, which they've placed in an prominent position on the site homepage (something which all clubs with a Pitchero website can do).

You can even drive your revenue up by getting inventive with sponsorships. Strike deals for match day sponsors that run throughout the season; player sponsorship to be featured in the club programme and on your site; or event sponsorship for your end-of-season dinner.

The revenue opportunities through online sponsorship are endless - but only if you have traffic coming into your website. 

5. Get a new design

We touched on this earlier, but the design of your club website is vital to underpinning your efforts to increase revenue.

Think of the power of the first impression. A well-designed site can showcase sponsors better, increase traffic and attract new members – all amounting to an increase in revenue. 

image-13.jpgCase Study: Maldon and Tiptree FC set a fantastic first impression to their users with a visually impressive website design. Created by our in-house design team, this feature which comes as part of the Elite and Ultimate packages.

There are a number great advantages a top club website can bring. We’ve compiled them all in our '7 Benefits to a professionally designed club website' article.

Review them and submit your free design request to our in house design team - who can create a fantastic new design based on your club colours, badges and imagery.

Open up some new revenue streams by creating a Pitchero club website and putting these pointers into action. You’ll soon be able to maintain a healthy balance sheet at your club. 

Start raising club revenue in your Club Control Panel

Grassroots clubs just like yours are using their Pitchero website to grow valuable club revenue. Head to your Club Control Panel now to access these great features and start bring cash into your club.

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