Managing fixtures and results

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February 13, 2024
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Managing fixtures and results

There are two ways to manage fixtures and results on a Pitchero website.
1. Use the centrally managed competition database (recommended).
2. Manually upload fixtures and results to your individual website.

Pitchero strongly recommends all teams playing in a league competition, manage their fixtures and results via the centrally managed competition database.

Alternatively, if a team does not play in a league competition, officials may manage friendly and cup fixtures via the website control panel. Scroll down to learn more.

The centrally managed competition database:
Pitchero stores thousands of fixtures for league competitions within a centrally managed database. This allows mutiple teams to use the same fixtures, saving team managers hours of time each week.

Plus, it allows teams in the same competition to share match reports, photos and videos, and create an online league network.

Adding centrally managed league fixtures to your website:
If the correct fixtures have been uploaded to the central database they can be added to a Pitchero website via the Webmaster Control Panel.

For clubs:
>> Go to Team Information >> Fixtures >> Join an Official Competition.
>> From the dropdown menu select your league competition, then your team and click Join.

League Competition

Once added, league fixtures, results and a league table will show in the team section of a club website and on the homepage fixture tab.

For leagues and county websites:
>> Contact Pitchero.

Adding new fixtures to the centrally managed database:
If you can not find your fixtures in the competition dropdown, they will need to be uploaded to the central database.

>> Click here to download instructions: How to add your fixtures to the central database.
>> Send all completed excel files to:

Season archive:
If you have used Pitchero for more than one season, you will need to archive last seasons’s match information and create a new archive for the forthcoming season. By doing this, you will be able to archive match information by season.

For clubs:
>> Go to: Team Information >> Season Archive.
Make sure a new season starts, the day after an old season ends.

Season Archive

Note: The archiving system is nondestructive. It will never delete match information only filter information between the dates selected.

Division Admin:
The central database allows all fixtures, results and league tables to be shared across multiple club, league and county websites, this means the role of updating the results is also shared amongst club, league and county officials.

These users are known as Division Admins. Only a Division Admin can update the result of a fixture stored in the central database.

Applying to be a Divison Admin:
Only a club Webmaster or Team Admin can apply to be a Division Admin.

For clubs:
>> Go to: Webmaster Control Panel >> Team Information >> Fixtures.
>> Next to the respective league competition name, click Division Admin.

The application will then be reviewed by Pitchero, this normally takes 24 hours. If successfull you will be notified by email and a link to the Division Admin Panel will appear in your profile bar.

Results and league tables:
Only a Division Admin can update the results of a centrally managed league competition. Results are updated via a Division Admin Panel.

The Division Admin Panel can also be used to updated fixtures, postpone games, change kick off times and award bonus points. See above on applying to become a Division Admin.

NOTE: To make changes to a centrally managed fixture list you MUST be a Division Admin.
NOTE: Each division has a separate control panel.

Manually uploading fixtures and results:
To add fixtures manually and not via the centrally managed fixtures database, do the following:

For club:
>> Go to: Webmaster Control Panel >> Team Information >> Fixtures and Results.

Choose your preferred upload method: “Add Single Fixture”, “Add Multiple Fixtures” or “Import Multiple Fixture”. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Most clubs use this method to upload friendly or cup fixtures. League fixtures are managed via the centrally managed database.

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