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September, 26 2022 in
10 things every rugby player needs in their diet

What food should rugby players eat?

September, 26 2022 in
Does a plant-based diet improve athletic performance?

2018 Netflix documentary The Game Changers has sparked a lot of curiosity about vegans in...

September, 21 2022 in Grow Your Club, Club Website, Apps
How does a Pitchero Club Website compare to RFU GMS?

Here at Pitchero, we’re proud to be the UK’s number one digital solution for grassroots...

September, 16 2022 in How To
How to make money for your club without the admin

More and more sports clubs are using Pitchero to collect online payments for everything...

September, 16 2022 in Club Website
3 quick wins for any club website

Quick wins for sports clubs

September, 16 2022 in Coaching
6 tips for coaching kids in sport

Coaching kids and coaching adults are very different challenges. The different physical...

September, 16 2022 in Coaching
How to handle parents when coaching your sports team

When coaching a group of children in their sporting infancy, one potential burden can be...

September, 16 2022 in Coaching
5 Ways to improve your defence in rugby

All great rugby teams are built on solid defence. Cast your eye over the best teams ever...

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Why Oxford Hockey Club moved to Pitchero

As part of our interviews with sports clubs, we chatted to Oxford Hockey Club about how...