Get new members with Club Registration 2018

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V6 Showcase - More clubs go live with Pitchero V6.

Over 150 clubs are now live on the new BETA V6 Club Website template. A further 150 clubs will go live this week!
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Get new members with Club Registration 2018

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Welcome to Pitchero’s Club Registration 2018 - our campaign launched to help clubs recruit new players, grow membership and reward members with offers from top brands.

Promote Your Club

Our toolkit gives you the advice and resources to impress parents, players and supporters with a slick and stylish website including professional designs.

There’s step-by-step support on adding content (such as team contacts, fixtures and member details) to make it a magnet for visitors.

We also cover the use of social media to make a difference to website traffic and build an audience by starting accounts, linking to Pitchero and using our convenient templates.

Online registration

Grow your membership

Streamlining a sports club’s membership by taking it entirely online will be faster, easier to manage and more secure. We’ll show you how one online solution is the way to go to improve your club.

Online registration is quick and simple to set up and can be personalised for specific teams or scenarios like a charity event. A membership database and a registration form is all it takes.

Want your club to increase its income by up to 30%?

Ditch cash, cheques and standing orders then save time and make more money with online payments. 

We’ll talk you through our Shop and Payments feature from setting up products like season membership to live accounting on who’s paid.

A club can take advantage of running membership online by importing an existing database then sending out invites so each person can join Pitchero, choose club roles and update any information a club has.

TM Lewin

Reward your members

Clubs are able to reward their existing and new members with a series of exclusive benefits from brands including T.M.Lewin, MyProtein and FirstAid4sport.

New members can sign up to Pitchero and opt in for a reward and current members just need to download the Club app, choose their reward and have it emailed to them.

Take part in our Club Registration for 2018 and see your membership, income and audience increase by signing up new members, using online payments and promoting all that you do.

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